Young artists in Tuscany is an amazing opportunity that is available to all Arts students across Cheshire, who are in their second year of A-Levels when the trip occurs. Due to this, there is a strong application process, in which individual interviews were held, to establish the quality of each individual.

From all of the people who applied for Tuscany 2015, only 43 were accepted and have been invited on this prestigious Art Course in Italy. This year there are 4 of us going on this course, and we have already completed 3 assigned projects, in addition to a training day. The projects that we have completed follow the form of 14 contextual artists research, a Fashion Project design booklet, and the actual construction Head/Neckpiece which we have chosen to design. Our fashion project this year carries the theme of ‘Wings’ with the colour scheme of white, grey and silver; and out of the 4 of us attending, we have   constructed 3 neckpieces and 1 headpiece, all independently designed and inspired. At this point we are starting to develop our new sketchbooks, prior to the visit in October Half Term where we will take part in 8 days of drawing, painting and   exploring the Renaissance traditions. This will take place in Sienna, Florence and Arezzo, as we develop our personal projects to a high standard, ready to be exhibited in Chester University, upon our return.